Thursday 30 November 2023

A la carte advertising when Celta Vigo F.C. scores!

An American sports bar in Vigo is not the very same to that one designed for ´tapas´only. Fernando Garrido, a Celta FC fan and a football TV bar goer has owned a place in Vigo called Abinco since 2001, which is specialized in cash-desk-software within the hospitality sector.  He has been on and off the digital billboarding and infomercials business for a while. But, when he got together with two more partners, he laid out a system to broadcast advertising via football bars large screens whether it be on TDT or cable TV.  His brainchild is called AD-ON-TV and works via a content box, which combined with a digital signal either new promotions, commercials or messages are run via a telephone app or a cloud server. So, profit is guaranteed once the establishment or bar is packed with customers – “When Orellana (Celta FC footballer) scores a goal the manager of the bar can retrieve a specific message”, says Garrido- and you can tune up the audience, so to speak!

Exemplo nunha pantalla do sistema ideado por Abinco
Exemplo nunha pantalla do sistema ideado por Abinco

“What we do is to set up a device [US technology] behind the sports bars LED screens, these are venues which basically people hang around to watch Spanish football. It is like a minicomputer that is attached to the monitor and hooked up via an HDMi input and besides the internet connection, there´s a constant flow of content managable via this device. It goes directly to the target (he explains in this sort of jargon). For instance: 9 out of 10 people watching football in Spain drink for sure beer. Its a very powerful tool of microsegmentation, so to speak”, explain again Garrido who has planned to implement this device in all Galician bars next year.  he has enganged in conversations with 5 brands of beverages, beer and spirited drinks too. they all have shown interests in this type of project.  The idea has set well in about 20 different bars across Vigo with excellent results and being able to quantify ticket sales too.


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