Wednesday 29 November 2023

Life jacket with interactive communication and integrated GPS

A company from Vigo is finalising the development of 'Vestar', the first integral product designed to improve safety and rescue in water sports

In the Sárdoma industrial estate, in Vigo, a small electronics company is finalizing the design of Vestar, a lifejacket with integrated and compact communication and geolocation devices that is designed for sailors, windsurfers or any other water sport so that it implements the safety of the wearer and allows him to be on the radar and communicate if he needs help.

It is one of the projects with a very clear weight of R&D in which this company from Vigo –Star  Electronica–  works, which since 2011 has been making its way in sectors as disparate as the naval, aeronautical, automotive, military or signaling adding electronic innovation as added value and differential.

Its philosophy is this: the client puts the idea and they execute it with an advanced integral solution that pivots on R&D and that has the support of the Deseña Peme e Principia, Gain programs of the Xunta de Galicia.

The company started 11 years ago from a core of technicians already highly specialized in electronic solutions following the guidelines of a well-defined Strategic Plan accompanied by a Research and Development action plan.

“Its clients include companies in the shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and military-arms industries”.

The majority profile of its staff are engineers in telecommunications or higher cycles of electronics. “Professionals in continuous training”. In this way they have managed, company sources explain, “to consolidate a stable market in a short period of time”. 

“We have the necessary technological means for product development and a high level of production capacity, so we can provide a comprehensive service, backed by our experience and resolution,” says Berta Trabazo, head of the accounting department at Star Electrónica.

With the development of the electronic engineering of the product also goes its design, assembly, assembly, serial production, -they point out- in addition to training and maintenance. 

Specialized in IOT systems, Industry 4.0, Apps, Product Industrialization, among its clients, -he points out- there are companies from the naval, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, signaling and geolocation industries, but they also offer comprehensive and advanced solutions to clients of other industrial sectors and the arms-military sector.

But his horizons keep expanding. “Currently, we are immersed in various R&D projects, covering fields as varied as localization, industrial control or medical equipment control”, they explain.

Water sports

Being a technology company, the weight of R&D is evident. For example, the Vestar project is one of the products under development and would involve the commercialization of a new product that combines security and geolocation in a safety vest for water sports with integrated and compact digital connective devices.

This vest will be accompanied by a series of communication tools and applications designed to guarantee the safety of both the user and the vehicle used in each case.

This is the first initiative on the market that has a comprehensive approach and that seeks to solve problems of both improper use of the vehicle and user safety (falls, accidents…) with fully effective interactive communication.

This firm commitment to innovation in electronic engineering, with the support of the Xunta, through the Galician Agency for Innovation, has earned them several recent awards suchas the Ardán de la Zona Franca de Vigofor Well Managed Company 2019 and 2020, and Empresa Gacela 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, which proves the rapid and sustained growth of the company.


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