Tuesday 28 November 2023

ITFAB: The factory of unique items aided by revolutionary 3D technologies

In the classrooms of the Industrial Design Engineering School in Ferrol, the paths of Iago, Carlos and Roberto once crossed. During that academic race, a 3D printer was purchased among the three to print the models of the works required in some of their college courses. That was the germ of the project which is known today as ITFAB, now a company with a promising future in a sector that grows steadily day by day.

During their faculty days, these three young people offered their schoolmates a printing service for these models. The most serious step forward was taken when Sergio joined the project with an investment “key to the purchase of more machinery and diffusion”, explain the creators of ITFAB.

[box size=”large”]The closeness and personal attention to each of their items is one of the bases on which this project clings on[/box]

Who requests the services offered by ITFAB? Almost all that they have in common is that they seek to “manufacture unique and concrete items, from car repair shops (with tailor-made products for the top end customer) to signage for a new hairdressing salon, design studios with new concepts or catering schools”, these are some of the examples of projects that this innovating company has come up with.

In a short time, ITFAB has acquired an important client portfolio, “with a volume that is already owned by a company, not simply a start-up“, clarify its creators.

Model of 3D printer made by ITFAB.
Model of 3D printer made by ITFAB.

Now, how are these products made in 3D? “We use constructive robots that are superimposing the information, of each 3D model, ‘layer by layer’.

All this effort has already brought us some rewards. ITFAB has been the winner of the second edition of the Connecting for Good Galicia acceleration program, organized by the Galician innovation agency (GAIN) and the Spain Vodafone Foundation.

The support of GAIN and Vodafone was, therefore, a before and after for the project that was born one day at the School of Industrial Design of Ferrol in the region of Galicia, Spain. “We have managed to make a proposal of focused added value, and thanks to the economic prize of the program, we have been able to set up a base in A Coruña, with the necessary infrastructure to make the leap to the industry”.


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